Will Gnome Software Center be included in 16.10?

Is this quote talking about Ubuntu moving to Gnome Software in 16.04, or about Ubuntu Mate moving to Gnome Software in 16.10?

"Assuming it works and doesn't cause problems, it will be replaced by "Gnome Software Center""

Hi @soft88dvd0000,

it is about replacing the Gnome Software Centre in Ubuntu 16.04, there is an installer for other software centres in "Welcome" in Ubuntu Mate 16.04:

See also:

As @wolfman points out, the Software Boutique is the “hub” that allows you to install whichever software center or package manager you desire, including GNOME “Software”.

There isn’t any plans to preinstall any other software centre by default. Note that Boutique is not (currently) a software centre replacement, but a hand picked selection of common applications that work well.

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Thank you for the clarification Wolfman and lah7

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