Will the package gnome-bluetooth break Ubuntu Mate?

Hi all,

anyone know if installing the package gnome-bluetooth will break Ubuntu Mate? (It has several Unity dependencies if installed!).

@Wimpy, @lah7, anyone?

I am trying to help out on this thread!:


If you mean “break” as in, setting the house on fire and shattering the desktop to pieces, then no, that package wouldn’t break the desktop. :wink:

I just tried installing it on a Ubuntu MATE 15.10 32-bit virtual machine and it hasn’t broken anything as far as I can tell. (I couldn’t test it for Bluetooth functionality)

If anything, it’s mainly beefing up the distro with additional packages that Ubuntu MATE itself does not need.

For reference, Ubuntu MATE uses blueman for Bluetooth.

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Hi Luke,

I was really worried about my house burning down so I am relieved by your reply!. :smiley:

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I installed the package and my house hasn’t burnt down yet!. :smiley:

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