Willing and able-ish

I’m new to both Linux and the Raspberry Pi. If I’m honest, I really am new to computers all together. I recently have become infatuated with smart home automation and decided it was time to start learning more about the systems behind it. With all the mentions of Obuntu Matte being a great OS for the Pi 4 I decided to give it a go. So far I feel more out of my element than other distributions I’ve tried. If anyone has a source of knowledge that helped them or tips of any kind I would greatly appreciate hearing about them.

I'm new here myself but answering this question to 'give back' for the help I've received. I don't seem to see a Pi subforum, but I did find this --


Better fit?

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I appreciate that. Before I “left the nest” of Raspberry OS completed a basic ”understanding the Raspberry Pi” course and I feel pretty good about the hardware side. I think I am hitting more walls than expected due to the fact I have zero experience with Linux and on top of that I am not using a full blown pc.

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I am fairly new to Linux myself, but I have configured my desktop on a Raspberry Pi 4B with Ubuntu-Mate 20.04 most excellently, IMO.

I have even created some files to use as pseudo-tutorials to explain how to configure Ubuntu-Mate that I'd be glad to share. Configuring takes some time and effort, at least to get it to look and act like I prefer.

What specifically do you need help with?