Wimpy has a new job


Terrific news; big congrats! :thumbsup:


@wizd3m , thanks i got a good chuckle from that post. :grinning:

I personally want to add another very sincere congratulations to our fearless leader @Wimpy ! I have to admit that i was a bit conflicted when i first saw this news. It is only just now, after some deep reflection, that i have come to believe that this will put us, (the U-MATE community) in an even better position for our inevitable journey to the top of Distrowatch’s top 100 :fireworks:

The truth is, that this is a pretty awesome Linux distribution, and an even more awesome community and i think you as a person @Wimpy are responsible for much of this awesomeness! So… yeah, go get em tiger!


Congratulations on the new dream job. Work and hobby in harmony, excellent.
I wish you all the best for the future.

Regards. Steven.



I want to sincerely tell you congratulations. You deserve it more than anyone. I know you make UbuntuMate for your family but you’ve also made it for my family. We all use and enjoy your work everyday (Even though they have no idea who you are!). Canonical is in good hands with you on their team.


Thank you everyone for the messages of congratulations and best wishes! You’re all fabulous :smiley:


Congratulations Wimpy, is a dream to work on what you want, happiest when you get your dream. I wish you the best with Canonical, because if you are there do bigger Ubuntu Mate. that we love.



Congratulations, it’s every time a great thing to make a hobby to a job. And it is great for Ubuntu MATE. So you can collect the best things of both worlds and put it together.


Also late to the party here but a sincere congratulations to you Mr. Wimpress. I’m sure I can speak for everyone here in saying that we wish you the best in your new endeavors with Canonical as well continued growth and success in your “little side project” :wink:


Glad to here Wimpy, Hope you like your new job :smiley:


Where’s our article on “How to access Internet using
shortwave radio equipment”? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Martin,

all the best in the new job, I hope it works out well for you and thanks for all the great work you have put into Ubuntu Mate. :smiley:


Congratulations Wimpy! No doubt you’ll never stop making Ubuntu desktop better for all us.


ABFAB.!! to you Martin, I made the switch over to Mate a few weeks ago from Gnome Shell and I’ve not looked back… Love the Mate environment… it’s about time… Love your work and good luck with your new position.


Dreams do come true, right ?!


Congratulations, Martin! Thank you for an awesome distro. I’ve been playing with Linux since early 2000 and have pretty much tried all of the distros out there. I’m happy to say that I have settled on Ubuntu Mate because it just works out of the box. The Welcome screen is truly a gift to all the new Linux newbies out there who have struggled to switch to Linux. Keep up the awesome work!


Congratulations Mr. Wimpy glad to know cannonical is getting mateys for ubuntu!

Best of luck and bright future.


So will your daily driver now be ubuntu instead of ubuntu-MATE


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