Wimpy is back after taking a break

Hi all,

So you may have noticed I’ve not been active on the forums since Ubuntu MATE 16.10 was released. I decided to take a little break from Ubuntu MATE after the release. At that point I’d spent 2 and a half years spending all my available free time working on Ubuntu MATE and I needed a break.

During my 2 month break I’ve been doing bits for upstream MATE Desktop and getting some other collaborations for Ubuntu MATE organised. But I’ve spent most of my spare time working on some maker projects that I’ve not had the time to get to.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be picking up where I left off and getting 17.04 in better shape. There is an alpha due on December 29th which I’m not sure we’ll make because I’ll be travelling at the time. I’ll also be finishing some of the back porting and SRUs for 16.04.2.

Just wanted to let you know where I’ve been and now you know :slight_smile:


Welcome back :slight_smile:

December 29; IMO what a poor time to push a release.


Nice to see you back Martin


Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Can the Mate 1.14 PPA effectively merge with 16.04.2? I’ll guess it wouldn’t be feasible to update 16.04.2 beyond Mate 1.12.

@anon42388993, Dec 29 - someone must be relying on some fixes from Santa. :grin:


Sadly not :cry: SRUs have to close bugs not just update software.

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Welcome home Martin, hope the break was rejuvenating :slight_smile:. I switched to UM 16.10 as my daily a few weeks back and have been pleasantly surprised at how solid it’s been. Certainly looking forward to 17.04 but I don’t think anyone would fault you if the alpha was pushed back a bit given the less than ideal date.


Captain on the deck!

Seriously, I’m glad you realised that you needed a break.

UM has turned into a good OS that we’re all happy to recomend to others. You and the coders, who remain unknown to the most of us, are to be commended. 16.04.1 runs on my machines, and it runs well. :penguin:


Welcome back Martin and have a Merry Christmas everyone!. :smiley:


Welcome Back!

Taking a break is definitly a good idea!
The body and the mind need rest sometime.

And yes a release the 29th of december seems to me a bad idea (bad timing).

Keep up the good job and Happy Hollidays!


Hallo Martin

Welcome back! :relaxed:

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Welcome back Martin, I can’t wait to see what’s coming down the line.
Merry Christmas


Your absence was duly noted and marked accordingly!! :pencil: :grin: Humour aside, great to hear your break was beneficial, you feel refreshed and raring to go. Gentlemen (and ladies) start your engines! :race_car:

Hope you & family are well, have a blessed Christmas, productive 2017, and your new('ish) job is going well.


Great to hear that you’ve taken some time off - hope you spent some of it with your family! I have a total ulterior motive with my concern for your work-life balance, but I hope this is mutually beneficial :slight_smile:

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