Window grouping by modification or creation time


I'd like to be able to order the grouped windows other than alphabetically. I have many browser windows, with many tabs, and too often when I am doing some research, I don't remember what's the active tab name for the window that has the tab I'm looking for.
Then I find the window, and I change the tab, and then I change window, and the previous window goes to another position in the grouped list.
And when I don't find the tab, I also change active tabs, and this triggers changes in the list, so I get confused and don't know what windows I already searched.

This is somewhat discussed in this topic, in case further explanation is needed.

Another example is my webmail. Sometimes I open messages in new tabs. Then I switch to another application. If I want to go back to the webmail by browsing the ordered list, which have many entries (i.e. 20), the window I'm looking for can be anywhere in the list depending of the subject of the email.

So I'd like to be able to sort the list by modification time, so the windows with most recent changes are grouped together, if possible. Or else, at least by creation time, so the windows remain in the same position while I browse through its tabs.

Thanks for this excellent desktop environment.


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Hi u29292,
Don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but at least this can change to last visited order in firefox:


Thanks Tim, I learnt something new, maybe useful in the future.

But for my problem this is no solution because the order I want to change is of the windows when they are grouped in the task bar.