Window scrolling errors, minimize/maximize from taskbar errors

I recently upgraded from Ubuntu Mate 16.04 to 17.04 (one reboot on 16.10). I’m on a laptop.

I have two issues:
-When I scroll (via touchpad) through a list of files (horizontal scroll), it is glitchy part-way with the backward scrolling working only occasionally, then it automatically scrolls to the end, and I have to use the scroll bar to return to the top/left part of the window.

Vertical scrolling is normal. I have tried switching from two-finger to edge. Enabled and disabled natural scrolling. Enabled and disabled horizontal two-finger/edge scrolling. Also, several other combos of the above.

I have tried changing from no compositing to software or hardware via marco. No change (even after reboot or logout/login).

Second issue (could be related?!):
when I try to control a window from the task bar (I have a few programs set to minimize to taskbar), I can only bring the window to the window list on the panel, it won’t open the window and give it focus on the desktop (as was the behaviour in 16.04). I have tried multiple programs and have altered the relevant settings several times across reboots. No change.

Any ideas short of a fresh install would be appreciated.

Hi, I don’t understand what you mean by:

What settings?

Can you make video captures of these bugs?