Window titlebar button size


I think that buttons in the ( upper left hand corner for me ) which would comprise of close, minimize, and maximize are WAY TOO SMALL. I had to take my monitor out of full resolution down to 1152 x 864 to make the buttons big enough to where I could see them. I even had to make my mouse cursor bigger so I would know that I was clicking on the right button.

Please make the buttons bigger in the next mate release.


Do you have screenshots that you could share? What theme are you using,
and what was your native/original resolution?


Resolution is 1280 x 1024.


Is that the Arc theme? Is the size better when you use one of the
default themes, like Ambiant-MATE?

Yes its the arc theme... And I switched back to ambient mate and the icons are a bit bigger Is there a way to make them a little bit bigger?

unfortunately not, that would be a theme change...

You could request the maintainer of the Arc theme to provide a variant
with larger buttons. Alternatively, you can modify the theme yourself (I
know there are people in the community that do this)

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If you could point me to someone that could modify the theme and make the close minimize and restore window button bigger that would be great!!!

So I just figured this out...... I changed my window buttons to MENTA which gives me bigger buttons so now I'm happy I thought there for a minute I was going to have to go back to KDE :frowning:


Hi you can see my answer in

In resume, you can get Ambiant theme with bigger icons, the "new" theme is called Ambiant Laptopv02

You can download :arrow_down: here:

Explanation, in case you want to replicate are in: