Window titlebars have "artifacts" when text needs to be abbreviated

I don't find anything about this on a search, sorry if asked before.

I run with TraditionalOK theme and Redmond menus. However, this happens even on a Live USB MATE with all default settings.

Using pluma as example.

Long filename where window is wide enough to display it:

Resizing the window smaller where text needs to be abbreviated, note artifacts around 'y' and '/' as well as at the far right next to the minimize box:

Interestingly, there are fewer artifacts when the task is inactive:

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Yes, I recognize that bug.
I used to have it on Ubuntu-MATE 18.04 LTS.
It looks a bit silly but it is completely harmless.

As far as I know it is related to the graphical driver. I had this bug on Intel GPU but not on AMD. I also don't know of any workaround because I switched to Ubuntu-MATE 20.04 LTS before I had a chance to dive into it.

The problem was no longer present on my Ubuntu-MATE 20.04 LTS installs.