Windows content not visible during minimize

Hey everyone! This is my first post so I hope I’ve posted this in the right place.
I’m a complete Linux “newbie” and I’m using Ubuntu mate for this reason, it’s very user friendly.

So whenever I minimize a window the contents of that windows is not visible. All that is visible is an outline of the windows and not it’s contents.
I’ve been looking through the settings on mate tweak and compiz and can’t seem to find a setting for this?
Essentially all that is seen is a “stitched” outline and nothing (just transparency) in the middle.

Hope I explained everything!

Hi and welcome
Can you please provide a screenshot so it’s easier for us to see?

Edit: also please mention the version of Ubuntu MATE you’re using.

Have you changed window manager to compiz from windows section of mate tweak?

Thanks so much! It works flawlessly now. :smile:
The solution was that I didn’t select compiz as my window manager.

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cheers mate … enjoy your stay here have a great journey with Linux