Windows key/super key setup

hi guys,

having played around and searched the forums I have found that the MATE Menu is the only one that works with the windows/super key out of the box so to speak.

If you are going to use Brisk Menu or Main Menu or even the Menu Bar. you will need to go to your keyboard shortcuts and edit the (Show the the panel's main menu).Then you will need to use two keys for example (windows key + spacebar) at the same time to open the menu.

hope that helps you all.


This doesn't sound right. Is your NumLock key enabled by any chance? Are you using marco or compiz?

sorry for the late reply.but no to all 3 fresh install on a desktop and a surface pro 5

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Thanks for sharing this. Even though I didn't plan to use it, I'll try it when I have time. Will this work if I just installed windows 11 license?

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