Windows USB 5.0 Dongle Drivers For Ubuntu?

After discovering my Dell Latitude E6440 wasn't manufactured with Bluetooth hardware I purchased a USB 5.0 dongle on eBay. Unfortunately I didn't read the listing carefully enough and after I received it I discovered it's only compatible with Windows. Is there a way to install drivers to make it function with Ubuntu? It has the BR8041 chipset.

I ran the command lsusb and received the following results:

First of all, USB5 does not exist at all (yet) and is, just like USB6 or USB8, a fantasy term used to mislead consumers. They also often do this if they can not fully comply to any USB standard at all, so we already can draw the conclusion that the manufacturer is not trustworthy.

See this:

The reason it works with windows has nothing to do with compatibility but everything with the manufacturer dropping a driver to microsoft to make up for the hardware flaws, bridge the incompatibility gap and, ofcourse, flipping the bird to Linux, BSD, Dragonfly, Open Solaris, QNX or any other non-windows platform.

Cambridge Silicon (the manufacturer) is defunct since 14 August 2015, so I wonder how old that dongle really is ( looking at the date the manufacturer folded, it theoretically could be USB3.2 at most, althoug I presume it is USB 3.0 or less).

According to the kernelsupport for this piece of hardware is a bit spotty.
I highly advise you to read that bugreport carefully

For now, the solution is: You either patch the kernelsource yourself or try out different kernelversions to see which one will make it work.


Thank you for the information, tkn. It looks like I'd be better off returning it to the seller and buying a decent quality Dongle.


Try Amazon, Best Buy or some other commercial place not eBay. Read carefully to say it supports Linux out of the box. They are not that expensive so pick a good one. Here was a quick example from a search:
linux supported USB bluetooth dongle?

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