Wine doesn't open

Hello, i just have a problem with wine.
i just installed for first time ubuntu mate and the tried to install wine.
I installed the stable version of wine hq (5.0), but when i try to open an .exe file appears the program in de panel but it close quickly. When i try winecfg in terminal, it doesnt open and terminal keeps loading.

Hi Kenny,
Do you really have installed necessary packages?:
fonts-wine, libwine, libwine:i386, wine-stable, wine32:i386, wine64, winetricks

Newer versions of wine could cause issues in Ubuntu, if they are not "stable".
Is recommended always to install since Ubuntu repo, not from main or development page.

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Hi, i just reboot my pc and realise that actually wine works, i think the problem was cause by a process that i open at first, so when i reboot wine start to working.
Btw thanks for trying to help.