Wine on a raspberry pi 2

Hello everyone , I installed ubuntu mate on raspberry pi 2 … but I can not install wine . does anyone know how to solve ? thanks for the attention

Hi cavve,

why can’t you install it?, it is in the repo!, try the following terminal command:

sudo apt-get install wine

Do you have your software sources download location set to “Main” and also have “Canonical” ticked?, check the update guide for further info:

Wine does not, as far as I am aware, work on architectures other than x86 :cry:

What do you need wine for?

thanks for the quick response. I tried the command line but I am a mistake. I tried to manually enter also the repo terminal but without success. I needed wine because I wanted to use a program TinyTask automation (macros) created to Windows. I know that there are other similar programs for ubuntu but are not as simple and immediate.

Hi cavve,

take a look at the FAQ's page, you might find something to help you there, I didn't know Wine wouldn't run on it sorry!. :smiley:

I followed the link and read it all, there are not alternative ways. It would a madman who rewrite or who makes a new one :smile:

@cavve Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?