WPS Office, a perfect and free alternative of MS Office

If you feels uncomfortable with libreoffice when making slides in Linux, Just try this, nearly the same as MS Office. It’s free and under heavy development!


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I am considering downloading and trying it out. But, I have just read some mixed reviews for it. Firstly, that it can be a bit flaky when saving slides and sometimes people have lost their work as a consequence. Secondly, that if you want to save in certain formats you are told that you need to get the “pay” version.

I’d be interested to hear more about your own experiences with it.


I don’t know which format you want. But I am working with it quite well when transferring to PDF…

And I have installed it on Ubuntu MATE, there’s no bug report up to now. I’m using it happily…

Some nice screen shots....

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A perfect alternate to MS Office 2007 (and newer) perhaps – since it’s pretty much a clone of the Ribbon interface. No thanks for me though, I like the 2003 interface and sticking to free software for the few cases of needing a full-fledged office suite.

I do wonder how it compares to LibreOffice when it comes to MS Office compatibility.


Yes, I prefer the 2003 interface as well. I went off MS office the moment it brought in the ribbon


Actually, it is just famous for its compatibility with MS office!

I learned about WPS office and I am not using it because it is under a proprietary licence (it is however the best office choice for android, competing with the recent port of MS Office on android). They make you pay for a comercial use of it! Libre Office does the job very well. I am impressed of their compatibility with MS Office.


Oh, I remember this one, it was called Kingsoft Office and it was what I used on my tablet when I was in school. Will check it out and compare features.

Hmm, haven’t checked if Libre Office has an android build.

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I have this installed in Linux Mint 17.2 and it is great…if anything use it as a backup plan to present slides if LibreOffice ends up not doing right…what is wrong with having both? nothing! I have 4 office Suites installed…LibreOffice, WPS Office and two other I forget the names.

Now is this available for Raspberry Pi? that would be awesome!

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