WPS Office slow to load files after update to 20.04


I've just updated from 18.04 to 20.04. Everything seems ok and a few bugs have gone, but one unexpected issue.

When I open a file in WPS office it's much slower than in 18.04. In 18.04 i downloaded the .deb from their website. After noticing the issue in 20.04 I de-installed it and re-installed , again using the .deb from their website but the issue remains.

I've got an old laptop with an old fashioned hard drive running 18.04 on this a 3.8mb file take around 3 seconds to open (first file) on my faster 20.04 machine it's more like 10 seconds though subsequent files are much quicker. Prior to the update it was almost instant.

I have not noticed loading issues with anything else compared to 18.04 and a quick check on my SSD read speeds looks ok.

I also booted a Kubuntu USB stick installed WPS office and opened the file and again it was much quicker.

Any ideas what the issue could be?

Hi Andy,
Same issue and possible solution:

Hi Tim,

I just checked this and I have both of these items installed already.