WTF is the new minimized window popup/preview?

I came to Mate ten years ago to escape the self-righteous control freakery of gnome. Now Mate is catching up? Please don't foist superfluous options without providing reasonable means to disable them. My system is a production system and I don't need a nag balloon popup from some self-important ■■■■■ to badger me about windows I've deliberately minimized and wish to keep minimized until I very well decide to unminimize them. Linux isn't just for kids. Stop this madness, please.

When my window is minimized, leave the bloody thing minimized and don't tease me with a partially maximized, illegible dwarf version of it. Maximized OR minimized. Stare at yourself in the mirror and get your fill there, in solitude, rather than on my system.


Please see - Windows thumbnail preview


I agree with you. I'm a 30+ year System/Network Admin. I just need a basic desktop. I don't need any eye-candy or fancy options.

For me.... I would love to see one addition to the Mate Desktop Selection... "Redmond Basic". A Mate Desktop the emulates as close as possible to a Windows 2000 desktop without having to plow through a bunch of menus/selections to so. Just plain and simple because I've got work to do. :slight_smile:


First, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

As @mdooley already pointed, this feature can be easily disabled. :slight_smile:

Just a humble observation to @pestcontrol : thanks for your constructive criticism. Every feedback is useful and it is an honor to have you with us. 10 years on Mate is incredible!

But I cordially ask you to be a little more polite. Everyone who contributes to this community, does so voluntarily.

Once again, welcome to the community!


I understand your criticism @pestcontrol — As a user of Windows 10 I haven't like the direction Microsoft took the interface ever since WIndows 8. There's a reason why GNOME 2 is still considered the king of desktops for many. GNOME 2 is dead, but with enough tweaking of MATE you can make it as basic as you want.

As many people getting into Ubuntu started with Windows 8 and on, window previews are enabled by default as a familiarity feature. Ubuntu MATE comes with a surprising amount of bloatware for what it is, all for the sake of familiarity. However for everything it has, there is also a means to disable or modify to preference.

While I understand your frustration, I don't necessarily sympathize with it. The feature is simple enough to turn off, and it's inclusion is not even the fault of this community — While considerations may be forward to MATE developers your ire should be toward them directly. Every possible community resource inextricably tied to the MATE project can be found here.