Xfburn instead of Brasero?

Hello everyone,

i have tried to burn a bluray with brasero and it always crashed, fortunatly before wasting a bluray.

Then i’ve tried xfburn and it worked perfectly.

So i write this to think about changing brasero with xfburn.

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Hi @francesco,

did you set the burn speed to the lowest setting?.

I too have had burn fails with Brasero and I use K3B myself!. :smiley:

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K3b is the “Roll Royce” of burners, but pulls in a bunch of KDE packages. Xfburn seems to always get the job done without any of the bloat. I like them both.

Thank you @wolfman, i don’t remember unfortunatly and i don’t have anymore a spare bluray to try, but i think the problem is that brasero has problems with bluray.

k3b doesn’t integrate that well and the last version is from 2014. Xfburn seems to me a good choice, the only thing i miss would be multi-volume backup.

When i need to burn a lot of data to multiple bds, i copy everything in a dir (let’s call it RootDir) and i use:

dirsplit -s 23500000K -e2 RootDir

genisoimage -D -r --joliet-long -graft-points -path-list vol_1.list -o

And i repeat for vol_n.list creating immaginen.iso

And after i burn iso’s them (i used xfburn also in the past, when i used to use lubuntu).


I believe it is maintained.


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I cannot report any bad burns or problems with K3B, although as pointed out it brings in lots of bloat, it is still a good app!. :smiley:

Hallo wolfman

I moved away from brasero to k3b when I was still running Ubuntu Unity. Brasero and gedit just didn’t work for me, so I use k3b and kate.

Thank you all the developers who have with years of continuous work made such a thing (freedom of choice) possible. :clap: :penguin:


Will k3b make a live OS on a thumb drive? Brasero will not even recognize the drive although it shows up on my desktop.
Thanks for any help you may be able to give.

Will Xfburn make a live OS on a thumb drive? Brasero will not even recognize the drive although it shows up on my desktop.Thanks for any help you may be able to give.


Take a look at these two postings:

Wimpy recomends gnome-disks:

How to create a live-system USB:

Has that helped?

Sorry but not really. What I am trying to do is get a live usb of an OS from an iso that is in my download folder. xfburn and brasero can’t see my usb disc but I have just found that unetbootin does see my usb disc. I have used brasero before and had no problems.

Thanks to the posts from others, I installed xfburn and it works a treat. . . Strange that brasero doesn't work on any machine I've installed it on. Maybe Ubuntu mate developers should switch to an alternative in future releases. Happy days anyway . . . Mate rocks as always


that's what i wrote in 2016. I hope devs will really consider xfburn instead of brasero.

Sadly xfburn development seems to be dead and it wasn't ported to gtk3.

I also use K3B. I don't worry alot about KDE packages as I also install Kpat, Krita and now and then some other KDE packages. Most of these share some of the same libraries.

Xfburn's last update is 0.5.5 , released on 2017-12-14

The good news is that it is not listed on the unmaintained or deprecated projects from the 4.14 Xfce release notes.

Seems like xfburn is being ported to gtk 3:

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