XRDP 0.9.1-9 is not working in Ubuntu Mate 17.10

I have install a fresh Ubuntu Mate 17.10 Beta 1 with XRDP from repo. It is XRDP version 0.9.1-9.

You can connect via RDP, but you can’t log into your desktop. A Socket failure appears. I think this failure is fixed into latest XRDP version 0.9.3.

Which person can update the XRDP ubuntu packages?
When will the package be refreshed?



You can see who last updated the package here:


(You need a launchpad account to see the email)

This XRDP package is maintained by “Debian Remote Maintainers”. What is the timeframe to update the package? Is the package still updated for Ubuntu Mate 17.10 (October)?

I’ve created a new bug on Launchpad to inform the package maintainers about a new fixed XRDP version. Bugs on launchpad are very old and seem to be not edited.


Does anyone have direct contact to XRDP maintainer?

Nothing happens. Final beta contains the same package version.

Debian (sid) package is updated with XRDP 0.9.4 and fixed the socket problems. Thanks to Dominik George.

Maybe it’s too late for the Ubuntu 17.10 release?

I found the solution to solve the socket problem.

So, the solution is to edit


and exchange the line:


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