Xubuntu question - keyboard falls asleep?


I was looking to install xfce when I read a page saying xubuntu desktop was the same or at least implied this and it had more software installed. I installed it and all is well however the keyboard seems to fall asleep, when I go to type into an address bar of say firefox it does not respond. Curiously when I go to open up a typing program like notes or mousepad it suddenly works and I can then type into firefox, is there anything I need to look into to stop this? Thanks in advance.

Hi :slight_smile:
Is it a wireless keyboard ?
Are the batterys OK ? :slight_smile:


It is a usb keyboard and there is clearly no battery issue when it works fine to switch to a notepad program and it works...

Do you have different layouts set up ?

Maybe try to uncheck those 2 options in keyboard configuration :


No the system just has one profile.

It's weird ... Can you try with a other keyboard to be sure it is not a HW issue ?

This is a new issue since I reinstalled 20.04 and is not an issue in windows. - I also have a weird issue in which the screensaver stops video player or vlc from playing an mp3.

I cant believe what I am seeing, I am getting a huge time lag betwen typing and seeing the text appear on screen. it takes about 10 seconds??? I wonder if firefox is running a load of crap in the background? I will try clearing cache and see what happens.

ok well the keyboard stopped responding altogether but the mouse worked fine, curiously when i type on the keyboard although it did not result in a character going onto the screen mousepad program the cursor would disappear when i pressed a key so it at least knew I was pressing a key. I hav cleared cache and rest the computer to see what happpens.

Further to the above, it might not be all firefox, since I could not type into the mousepad program.

You can check it this way :

Close firefox
Open Mate ressource manager :

Run firefox, and see what is happening.

You can also try reinstalling firefox with sudo apt-get --reinstall install firefox

Yeah but the cpu fan would be fast if it were high resources?

There is definitely a patter here, I notice it after the computer has to be unlocked after the screen saver kicks in. I will see if I can avoid it with the screensaver disabled and then I should notice if it doesn't happen again. the strange thing is, I can type my pw in to unlock the screen saver but then cannot type in firefox, clearing the cache clearly didnt help, i may try reinstalling firefox if disabling the screensaver does not help.

ok so after some experimenting, I have not incurred the keyboard lag issue however even though there is no screensaver active the monitor turn off power management setting is stopping the vlc player from playing mp3. even though its screensaver ignore option is selected. but then again its not the screensaver coming into action, its the monitor.


Thank you for your support its been really helpful.

So today I experienced further issues with xubunu and deicied to uninstall after the screensaver went on and the system wouldnt let me get back into session. Anyway I copied and pasted the wrong command to uninstall xubuntu desktop, instead it uninstalled the usual ubuntu desktop, I then upon realising my error reinstalled ubuntu desktop and then proceeded to uninstall xubuntu, however the weird thing is, it said it would remove 28kb of data, not the hundreds it installed it with. Did removing ubuntu desktop have something to do with this? How do I check what if any of xubuntu is left on my system? thanks in advance.

Can you give some more information about your hardware ?
Maybe this is something like a HW issue - the HW receive a signal and put some devices to sleep.

This is a recent issue. Hardware is the same. Monitor is standard LG lcd screen flatron L1942PE.

Graphics card is Asus Radeon HD7750 1GD5 V2

I have uninstalled xubuntu so hopefully problem goes away, but what about my question about the installation size and uninstall size discrepancy? How do I check all xubuntu is removed? Thanks in advance.

If you want to remove all packages that are not needed, you can run :

sudo apt autoremove --purge

even doe that it's safe, I'm strongly advising you to read what will be removed before answering 'yes' to this command.

So in order me to understand, is your issue with keyboard not working correctly still present now ?

Keyboard has been fine since I removed xubuntu, thanks for your help.

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It turns out I still have xubuntu installed despite running this command????

sudo apt-get remove xubuntu-desktop

You can insure it is not there with this command :

dpkg -l | grep xubuntu

If it is still visible at login, you need just to remove its xsession file located here :


From my end I have only mate :

ls -lt /usr/share/xsessions/
total 8
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 8192 Mar 23  2020 mate.desktop

You can also run :

sudo update-alternatives --config x-session-manager

to get sure the one you want is the default one.

Well you can actually log into the desktop.

[email protected]:~$ ls -lt /usr/share/xsessions/
total 20
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5962 Apr 20 2020 xubuntu.desktop
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 6273 Mar 30 2020 xfce.desktop
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 303 Mar 26 2020 ubuntu.desktop