Yaru MATE is happening/coming (21.04 ?!)

Glimpse of Yaru MATE (work in progress) shared by Martin Wimpress. This is some news that should bring some joy/excitement for those waiting for an official theme revamp in future Ubuntu MATE releases.

There was some discussion about the new Ubuntu MATE theme in the works during an Ubuntu Podcast episode shortly after 20.04 LTS was released and I thought he was building something with Yaru-Colors but looks like he's been working with the Yaru team.

Note: if you already want to play with something Yaru-like for MATE, you can have fun with Yaru-colors (snap/source).


It is happening! A branch was recently created on ubuntu-mate-artwork:

Edit: The branch has since been deleted. It looks like it's getting integrated into upstream ubuntu/yaru.

There's been some activity in #user-chat on Wimpy's World (on Discord):

From what I heard, the Yaru icons are problematic with MATE/Ayatana indicators at the moment, so it might just be theme debuting for 21.04. (Subject to change)


Is there an installable .tar.gz where I can install the theme quickly without using snaps?

Not yet since it's still in development. You can try building it from source:

sudo apt install libgtk-3-dev git meson sassc
git clone https://github.com/ubuntu/yaru.git -b hirsute/mate
cd yaru
meson build
cd build
sudo ninja install

Alternately, you could try Yaru-Colors which has a MATE colour, but it won't have the newly developed MATE patches that's being worked on.

I installed Yaru colors, and it is okay. It works fine for the most part, but it makes some icons look like it came out of Ubuntu 10 TwT

It also has the gnome foot logo on the task bar, so not sure how I can replace that with the Ubuntu logo

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