Yaru Ubuntu MATE wallpaper

There is a tiny bit of color banding, but I dont know how to fix it.


Nice work! I like it's simplicity and keeping the "triangle" background design used for many years.

Regarding colour banding, I think there's not enough colours between the gradients. It's a bit too dark - maybe try recolouring them at a higher contrast? :art:


Hi roly,
About the color banding I found this:

To remove bands you have to introduce a bit of randomness

  • Add a transparent layer on top
  • Fill with randomness (`Filters>Noise>Hurl)
  • Set to Grain merge or Grain extract
  • Reduce opacity to something small (around 2-3%).

Hope this helps.

I think you hit the spot with this wallpaper. It really fits Yaru-MATE-dark nicely. :+1:
I wouldn't be surprised if it were the default wp for this theme, or at the very least, made it on the 20.10 iso.
Maybe a light variant for those of us that love to burn their retinas would be a nice addition. :thinking:

Well done! Nice and dark so I can see Icons on left-hand side

That looks fab @roly! :heart_eyes:

Have you been able to try some of the suggestions to address the colour banding?