Youtube-dl snap

I am trying to use the youtube-dl snap without much luck. I have installed youtube-dl-snap and youtube-dl-casept (one at a time) and neither of them work. When I enter youtube-dl at the command prompt I am told it is not installed.

I have tried the hello snap and that works as expected. Is there a snap command that I need to activate youtube-dl?

$ snap list
Name               Version     Rev   Developer  Notes
core               16-2.30     3887  canonical  core
pycharm-community  2018.1-EAP  45    jetbrains  classic
youtube-dl-casept  2018.01.18  108   casept     -
 $ youtube-dl
The program 'youtube-dl' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
sudo apt install youtube-dl

I just installed youtube-dl-casept. (I love that since it’s a snap I have no worry about trying and then removing it!)

It looks like the command it installs that you need to use is You could use a bash alias if you want to use a shorter command.

Yes, that works. How did you know to use

I just typed yout and then pressed tab :stuck_out_tongue: