Zoom not closing properly

I have Zoom installed as a snap.

When I close Zoom, it stays in memory as shown in top.

And if I start it again it just creates more copies in memory.

I then have to

killall -9 zoom

Is there a fix?

On the Zoom application, clicking to close the window only closes that instance, not the application. I think they have it set up that way so it can be used for spontaneous pop-up meetings, like a video phone.

However if you click on the zoom icon, however it appears in your theme, one of the options is to Exit, which does fully close the application.

I do not understand the above statement.
If I click the x in the left corner, it closes the window.

I see no option to close the app.

The screenshot helps! Left click on the zoom icon, which is blue, on the top line of your screen. It looks like the sixth from the right on the top line of the screenshot you posted.

This will bring up a pop-up menu. Click again on the "Exit", and the icon and your Zoom window will both disappear. Also note that there are other options on this menu like log in and log out, etc. Zoom acts differently depending on whether you log in or not: for instance virtual backgrounds are only available when logged in.

They have a feature allowing one zoom client to connect with others, especially useful when behind a firewall/vpn inside a single company. So the client runs in the background by default anytime after it is started.

The "Exit" will fully exit the program and release your memory, though.

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That blue zoom icon is my launcher.

Left clicking it just starts zoom.

I found a solution that I am happy with.

Instead of closing the window, I minimize it.

It then goes to the taskbar.

Then I can leave it there or rt. click it and select close.

Thanks for that, this worked for me too.
This is definitely a bug in zoom. When I start zoom, the icon in the taskbar appears. If you close zoom with the red cross of the zoom window, the icon disappears, however, zoom is still running in the background and the only way to open an new session is by doing 'killall zoom' . If you minimize zoom, the icon stays in the taskbar and then you can close it with the right mouse button -> close zoom. In that case zoom really closes. In other words, the functionality of the red cross is wrong: it does not closes zoom, but still removes the icon from the task. Thanks for the hint how to close zoom! Hopefully this can be fixed soon. btw: I have ubuntu with kde-plasma, not mate.


Another command line approach, (this information is taken from snap --help
and snap help stop):

"The stop command stops, and optionally disables, the given services."


snap stop --no-wait zoom

should stop your Zoom program. I have not had occasion to test this myself, as I do not have snaps that I want to 'stop'. :slightly_smiling_face: