Zorin OS themes for Mate

Hello, fellow users,
I am using Ubuntu Mate and would like to have available Zorin OS themes. Most likely I am not the only one wishing to have those themes for Ubuntu 16.04. They’re gorgeous :slight_smile: We hope to have them available soon ;).

You can install them through ppa from here:

I haven’t tried them, so I don’t know i f everything is going to look as it’s supposed to.

Edit: The themes are for Ubuntu 15.04. To install them you have to add the ppas first and update. Then go to Administration > Software & Updates > Other Software, select the noobslab ppa, click edit and change the distribution field from “xenial” to “vivid”. Then run sudo apt-get install zorinos-themes and the themes will install. Do the same for the icons.

Note that if you want to install another theme from noobslab, but on version 16.04, you will have to follow the same procedure and change the distribution field back to “xenial”.

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Thanks for the tips. I also searched the noobslab, but not being a very proficient Linux user I hadn’t thought of such workarounds.

I tried to do as instructed, however it still says “unable to locate zorin themes…”
I hope these themes will eventually be available natively for 16.04?..

Really? It worked for me yesterday. Did you miss any step?

not sure…
I ran first two command lines from noobslab then changed the distro to vivid and then wrote the third line.
it shown as I posted :confused:

Try to update again an then run the third command.

I tried again…to no avail whatsoever.
Anyways, thanks for the advice!