15.04 to 15.10 Upgrade

Since Ver. 15.10 came out on 10/22, I wonder how long will it be before it shows up in the Software Updater? Thanks.

It came up in my updater. I ran it and it buggered my system completely. I had to do a re-write. So, for what my experience is worth, be warned.

I never actually know how long it takes before it appears graphically. :expressionless: I'm not sure if there is a period for any major bugs to be ironed out before the masses get the offer for the update... or if the repository lists are not fully up-to-date on your system.

But if you're craving your hands for it, this is the command:

sudo do-release-upgrade

I always recommend a backup of the whole system, just in case you need to return to Vivid. Clonezilla Live is a good choice.

Also, a special note for this release, if you have an AMD graphics card with their proprietary driver, you must use the open source drivers for now, due to a bug in the kernel.

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I went ahead and just backed up my home directory and did a clean install. Loving the updates and much improved mate tweak. Let us know how the upgrade goes if you end up going that route. Good to know about that AMD issue, hadn’t heard about that. Thanks Iah7.

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Good to hear :slight_smile: I upgraded on the day, no problems, just had to reconfigure a couple of things (like custom PPAs) so it’s just how it was it before. udisks had been deprecated so I added my Data drive to /etc/fstab instead as a command at login.

No issues with the NVIDIA’s proprietary drivers either. :slight_smile: I’ve yet to see if 3D performance has got a boost from the new stuff!