16.04 LTS Xenial: not enough free space on **boot** partition when trying to update

Hi, my problem is that when i try to update my raspberry it say that i don’t have enough free space on boot partition… I know that !!! Its only 66mb and i don’t want anything there, i want it all in the root partition that have 16gb free, but it don’t let me choose where I want it. So does it mean that the 16.04 version is broken… plz help me I dont know a darn thing on Ubuntu especially on raspberry pi 3…

Have you read No room on /boot for updates

I too get the same problem with ubuntu-mate 16.04.2 … until I could not do any more software updates!

I have posted a You Tube video with a work around for this problem by creating a larger PI_BOOT partition at:

I hope this helps,


Super post. It helped me out. Was racking my brain to figure a way to gain more space with cleaning up. Just a question, why did you give the /boot partition so much space? Do you image that it will grow?

I pulled the partition size out of thin air. You could make it much
smaller, but I had a 16 Gb micro sd card so space wasn’t a problem