18.04 beta 2 -- Mutiny problems

Have been using 17.10 with Mutiny for several weeks, and am preparing to move all our pcs to Mate 18.04 LTS. Just installed 18.04 beta 2, and set to Mutiny layout.

Three problems noted:

  1. I don’t have global menus on any application.
  2. I don’t have any menu, global or window for firefox
  3. Some applications (notably Synaptic) don’t show up in the side dock when running

I didn’t want to file a bug report until I can confirm some of this–is anyone else seeing this?

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Hi @charles-nix,

have you done all your updates?:


How did you set up the Mutiny layout?
@Wimpy said that the layout switcher within welcome is really unreliable as of now and that we shouldn’t use it - use MATE Tweak instead.
Maybe the menu issues come from here.

Link to the issues I found in the dock:


Some screenshots:

I set it up in MATE Tweak. I don’t recall the status of the Firefox menu prior to switching to Mutiny, but after going to Mutiny there is no menu even in the app. I have tried both ways in about:config ui.use_unity_menubar, with no change. All updates are done.

Since last night, I set up four other users on this machine. (It is a shared kiosk for occasional use.) I set them on Cupertino and Familiar. The firefox menus work as expected, both global and local, so I think it is something specific to Mutiny.

I have also seen layout changes where all the panels just disappear–then the next time it works.

By the way–overall this distribution is WONDERFUL. I’ve been with Linux since the days of the Pentium 90, and we moved our whole office to Linux at Ubuntu 8.04. This is so polished and easy to use. I can’t wait to roll it out to everyone else–they will love it so much.

Update: Last night, and previously, I have been applying updates with synaptic–not sure if that is related. This morning, I did apt-get dist-upgrade -f as suggested in @wolfman guide. Then changed layouts to familiar and back to mutiny, and the menus are all back and work as expected, both global and local.

Is there something about updates for a beta version that requires the dist-upgrade method? Or did the updates just come out over night?

In any case, the menus are now working as expected.
And Synaptic now appears in the side dock as expected also.

Thanks for the help.


Dist-upgrade (and the similar apt full-upgrade) can remove packages if needed as well as install them. When things are in flux before the release, sometimes packages are removed.

There also are a lot of updates being released everyday this part of the cycle!

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Got it! Thank you for the help.