32bit 17.04, Alt-F1 to display main menu does not work

anyone have a solution? on the default task layout and also brisk menu, the drop down application list etc does not work. Anyone have a work around? Other keyboard combination work fine.

What shortcut do you have set up for Brisk Menu? Do you have any other global menu or launcher shortcuts? Also, are you using Marco, Compiz, or something else?

Hi @gychang,

While @vkareh is likely on the right track, you can also check Keyboard Shortcuts for the keys for Show the panel's main menu to make sure it hasn’t changed. Try a different combo to see if something may be specifically interfering with Alt+F1.

@Bill_MI - true. That’s probably the first place to look. Also, the Brisk Menu from the Ubuntu repo is hard-bound to <Ctrl>F10, if it helps

I do not have another global menu or launcher, using the default Marco. I have remove synapse and tilda.

I checked and Alt-F1 is still the keycombo. No other app is using the same key combo…

yes!, Ctrl-F10 triggers the menu, do u know whether this key combo can be changed in Brisk menu?

@gychang - unfortunately the included version of Brisk Menu doesn’t support changing key bindings - the fix for that will be in for 17.10. I know @Wimpy maintains a PPA that has the latest version, which supports changing it. You can try that one:


Alternatively, you can use the Advanced MATE Menu, which supports changing the keybinding in the Preferences.

All that said, pressing Alt+F1 should still pop open the main menu wherever your mouse cursor is, as far as I know, so that may still be an issue on your side?

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thanks for all your help, likely will live with this til the next update…

I’m using Brisk menu from the PPA and I can confirm on this 64 bit machine ALT+F1 does trigger the menu.

thanks, will try this on my 32bit PC.