A format bug on Date in Chinese Simple regional format

hi, this is my first topic. I found a format typo in ubuntu mate 16.04 amd64, when I choose the Chinese Simple Regional format , the date on the top right corner is“ 日8月21,” ,actually,in CHINESE(no matter simple or traditional format in HK,Taiwan or other region),it should be “8月21日,”.

I dont know how to send a feedback, can anyone feedback or tell me how to do it? thanks a lot!

P.S. I LOVE ubuntu mate, it is perfect balanced between speed and features. although some appearance may a little outdate(I mean except the default theme and icon,the others pre-positioned themes and icons are so ugly). almost all problem I met I can found anwser on this community, I love the ubuntu mate team and this community, thank you all guys!


Hi, welcome to the community! Bugs like these go into the Issue Tracker:

You’ll need to sign up for a Launchpad account if you don’t have one already.

Be as detailed about the problem, how to reproduce it and the expected result. The maintainer will be able to track the bug and provide comments on getting this fixed.

Sometimes the problem needs to be raised “upstream” since not all the software is specifically Ubuntu MATE’s fault. So fixing the formatting bug in the clock applet would fix it in future versions for others outside of Ubuntu MATE who use the MATE desktop. :slight_smile:

You could jump ahead and raise the issue here in mate-panel, since the clock in the top-right is the Clock Applet from the MATE Panel.

As @lah7 said it would be a good thing to report the bug.
For an immediate workaround see this recent thread on a similar issue:

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你好Vincent. Welcome to the Ubuntu MATE community and thanks for pointing out the Chinese language issues. By the way, do you use fcitx to type in Chinese? Did you already report the bug on Launchpad?

That is a mistake,the format is right , it is just not chinese style. thank you for you guys tips