A new DNS by Cloudflare and APNIC to improve non-cached speed of access

If you find your current DNS plain sucks or wish to prioritize the potential speed benefits of using this DNS over Quad9 which I had mentioned earlier, you may be interested in Cloudflare’s brand-new DNS address. How much IMB’s DNS making headlines inspiring them not withstanding, they promise privacy and up to 28% improved speed of non-cached access. (How they received this figure is in contention, but they claim to have the #1 rank in DNSPerf benchmarks which can be proven with a cursory glance: They are #1 for access speed across all regions DNSPerf supports, with at worst a difference of 0.22 seconds in NA versus OpenDNS in the last 30 days as of this writing.)

To use the service, change your DNS addresses as follows:

Considering this is Cloudflare we’re talking about, specializing in tools to improve QoS and UX with anti-DDoS, anti-malware and load balancing for websites using their services, they may actually be upholding of their privacy-orientated approach by not logging your information, and having nothing to sell via your use of it.

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free dns
they promise privacy

sure :joy:

Hi @tiox,

I recently saw this on Linus TechTips, I haven’t tried it yet, I will give it a go later!. :thumbsup:

The comments are mixed and entertaining as well!.


Exactly how I heard about it. Though they should had covered Quad9 for security IMO.

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I made the switch a few weeks ago. For privacy I trust Cloudfare over Comcast or Google. And for speed it was the fastest when compared to Comcast, Google, and OpenDNS. I used Namebench and the time dig command line for comparison.

how do you switch to this in UM network settings I tried manual or something but I couldn’t seem to get it to work

Hi Bernie,

does this help you at all?:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Keot9_4tmM :smiley:

The above tutorial keeps your IP as Automatic DHCP. If you do that, I believe your ISP will be used in conjunction with your DNS of choice. I recommend a manual configuration. This will stop eliminate your ISP DNS. Also, if you are worried of DNS leaks, see this post.

Added Cloudflare DNS to my Pi-Hole. It's much faster.