Adding a index to Tips&Tutorials



There is good info in the tips&tutorials subforum, but I find that I do not use it ofter enough just because subject matter is hard to find. I run a collection manager (zotero) and decided to index this subforum for ease of use.


Now I wonder if this would be useful (maybe as a sticky) in your forum. I could convert this over for forum use if you like the idea.

Learning about MATE
Additional sub-categories for some categories?

I really like the look of zotero, So I installed form the software centre. But, I can’t see it anywhere. Any idea what I might have done wrong?


Which install did you use? I have it installed direct into firefox from the zotero site. No need to use any package manager for this.

I’m not familiar with the standalone install, but would suggest you take a look in /usr/share/applications/ for a launcher if this is what you did.

A launched can be dragged to the panel from there.


I don’t think zotero standalone is available in the official repositories, although it can be easily installed from a ppa (I use this one with trusty):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:smathot/cogscinl;
sudo apt-get update;
sudo apt-get install zotero-standalone

In addition I believe an index of the available tutorials would be useful!


An index would be good, but wouldn’t someone have to be in charge of editing a sticky to update new topics? (I suppose it could be a Wiki post?)

Topics could be further organised into sub-categories too:

  • Solutions to Problems
  • Tutorials / Guides
  • How to’s
  • Desktop Tips & Tricks
  • Advanced Tweaks

(Added to sub-categories suggestions)


Thanks @Asta1986

Yes further organisation is necessary, sub-categories are necessary. What I posted is 1st draft.

It would be nice if anyone could edit a sticky. Or maybe giving a few people permission to edit. Speaking just about TT&T, it could be maintain by one person, but better to have others.

Your link is impressive. You have certainly thought about this much more than I.


:clock: A lot has changed since this thread. New categories, topics sub-categorised and we now have tags! :slight_smile:

We could make a sticky thread, but I’m thinking we could semi-automate this by making use of tags so topics can be searched by subject but specifically inside the Tutorials & Guides category.

Here’s an example of these searches:

Only downside is that I haven’t found the syntax to search multiple categories / subcategories … or that might not be supported.

@v3xx, what do you think?


Now that we have tags, I think (hope) this will be the answer :slight_smile: