Additional sub-categories for some categories?

To help keep things organised, but also pinpoint more of what a topic relates to, here's a few suggestions for additional sub-categories:

General Discussion

Development Discussion

Useful for discussing about changes specifically towards a particular release (and help remember the codenames!)

** Also note these as being unofficial builds.*


  • Themes
  • Wallpapers
  • Icons

Tips & Tricks

To further organise the posts in Tips & Tricks, I suggest adding sub-categories such as:

  • Solutions to Problems ("Drivers"?)
  • Tutorials / Guides
  • How to's
  • Desktop Tips & Tricks
  • Advanced Tweaks

Alternately, there could be an index (or both):

Changing the colours too?

Colours also help identify topics at a glance... it feels like too much orange at the moment. How about:

  • General Discussion = Dark Green ... Ubuntu MATE style!
  • Raspberry Pi 2 = Pink ... Match the Pi logo.
  • PowerPC = Light gray ... Match Mac's silver/white product line.
  • Development Discussion = A shade of red?
    • LTS = Dark green
    • Standard Releases = Green
    • Translations = Blue ... Represent the sea of the world.
  • Videos = Green → Blue
  • Screenshots = Light green → Dark blue

A bit of meaning behind the colour... :smile:

:hammer: Traces of placeholder text

Also, easy mistake to leave behind, but there are two pinned sub-categories with place holder text. (Whoops?)


Great suggestion, I was thinking to ask the same thing :smile:

When this is implemented please add a Translations sub-category to Development Discussion

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Is it possible to create the category “non-english speaker”?

@Danny3 Added to the list. Discussing translations for Ubuntu MATE’s future is important too. :smile:

@Ameyerpro, I suggest creating a new topic in the Meta category to discuss your idea.

Somewhere on here, it does state that English is essential as it’s an English-only forum. It may be possible to make the forums multilingual though.

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I’m beginning to think @lah7 might be a forum promotion to help make these changes a reality :slight_smile: You up for that?


I’d be honoured to help Mr. @Wimpy! :blush:


I think another sub-category for the Development category could be something like:
Brainstorm / Feature requests / Ideas (one of these names)
People could discuss freely their ideas and improve each others ideas an find problems with them, or the advantages they would bring to the Ubuntu MATE community

Developers could see more easily what people will want/miss in Ubuntu Mate
Also they will not be overwhelmed with feature requests spread all over the forum and they could take a look at this sub-category only if hey have time or want to implement something new

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That’s a nice idea @Danny3. Added to the list so it’s not overlooked.

Although, I don’t know if developers of the key parts of MATE are residents on these forums – in other words, they may not directly see them. Ourselves as users (or developers) would.

But, if an idea for a feature or improvement proves to be in demand, the next port of call would be Launchpad and/or to their upstream project (ie. GitHub), so it’s important these stay linked, or we’ll get a flood of duplicates.

The :heart: like feature would be a good measurement who +1’s these requests too.

Also added suggestions for sub-categories to organise the Tips & Tricks section. Useful for anyone wanting to learn something new specifically.

:file_folder: :file_folder: :open_file_folder: :file_folder:

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Drivers and configuring hardware that doesn’t want to play nice, (especially towards new users) is something I think should have its own category.

It could be under a new Tried & Tested category - to test hardware and various setups while reporting back success / problems / steps to fix (like compiling a driver for a WLAN card :confounded:) or a sub-category under Tips & Tricks like Drivers if we was to individually file them out.

Congratulations :slight_smile: I see changes coming, which I didn't really want to say, but got to have at least 20 characters to post. Fix that would ya :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks @v3xx, but I haven't been promoted yet :wink: - The Regular rank is what Discourse awards for being a regular member, which I gained a few weeks ago, if you're wondering. :smile:

For now, I can only make suggestions. :ok_hand:

Even if I had the ability to remove the 20 characters, I wouldn't want to, and it might not be easily changed either:

I agree with this response:

Is a reply under 20 characters worth it? Just saying "awesome!" or "good job!" doesn't contribute to the dialogue. There's the "like this post" function for things like that. I'd rather read thoughtfully composed responses that take more than 10 seconds out of someone's stream of consciousness than have to skim through impulsive fluff.

No offense intended. It's just my take on why the limit is there in the first place.

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@lah I’ve bumped your permissions to moderator. For the time being please move topics to where they should be as you encounter them.

I’ve upgraded Docker and Discourse to the current versions today. I need to poke around and see what has changed before I make any other changes :slight_smile:


While you people are fiddling around with the forum, a “Coffee Shop” section for off-topic chatter would be good too!. :smiley:

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I forgot to welcome @lah7 to us Mods, welcome @lah7, :wink:


Good news! It’s been a long time, but the organisational changes have finally been made, just in time for the start of 2016!

Happy New Year! :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for your patience and taking on the task of sorting out the community categories :smiley: