Adding the Ubuntu Startup Sound in Ubuntu MATE

How can I add the Ubuntu Startup sound or just any startup sound in general to Ubuntu MATE?

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I found this:

If you want another sound during login you can do it this way from a terminal sesson:

cd /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo

Replace the file desktop-login.ogg with the soundfile you want. You can do it like this (including backup):

sudo cp desktop-login.ogg desktop-login.ogg.old
`sudo cp ~/Downloads/dekstop-login.ogg

If your new file is inside your home's Download directory. I have not seen a default application where you can do this.

And yes, you can create a custom sound from for instance a music clip with audacity. Just make sure you save it as ogg and do not make it too long.

You can also do it like this. From commandline

sudo caja

This will open caja as root. Now navigate to your new file, rightclick and copy it. Navigate to /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo and click on desktop-login.ogg, press F2, and add .old to the name. Then click on some free space, rightclick and choose paste


Forget my old school stuff, I deleted it. @ele has a simpler solution from @wolfman.


We actually have detailed tutorial about this in our community posted by @wolfman. Tried in 16.04 and it still works :thumbsup:


Thank you. This is probably a duplicate thread