Advanced Mate Menu shortcut

I have assigned advanced mate menu shortcut to ctl-esc but this doesn't seem to work.

I have also looked into an old topic on this specific issue marked as solved but this doesn't apply in my case.

Any suggestions? I'm using compiz as window manager.

What's Primary for you? Did you try using <Ctrl> or <Alt> instead? There's possibly things like <Ctrl_L> for left-Ctrl, and so on.

That thread you referenced is a few years old, and the entire keybinding code in mate-menu (and many other parts of MATE) has been rewritten since.

That said, also try using Marco vs Compiz to try to determine whether that makes a difference. Compiz has been known to swallow certain key combinations...

If you find anything that works, let me know, there might be other ways to get mate-menu to cooperate with Compiz.

Thank you for your quick reply!

What actually happens is that using Compiz there are times that the mentioned shortcut works and other times that it doesn't (by the way, Primary is left-Ctrl for me. When I substituted it with Ctrl_L in dconf editor it wouldn't work at all).

When I switched to Marco the shortcut worked fine.

I'm wondering what is the command to trigger the menu so as to bind it with a shortcut in Compiz? I've tried /usr/bin/mate-menu but it doen't work.

Thanks once again.

Okay, I just tried <Primary>Escape and <Ctrl>Escape and both work for me on Marco.

I'm not very familiar with Compiz, but I can take a look. Just noticed there's a bug reported:

I just replied to it. I'm looking at the mate-menu code and unfortunately nothing seems obvious with regards to special keycodes on Compiz... all the Compiz hacks are due to how Compiz receives keyboard/mouse events, rather than how to process the keys themselves :confused:

The fix might be on Compiz directly...

Indeed they're working fine on Marco but the later lacks all the appealing eye-candy.

I suggest to leave this thread open and whoever comes up with a solution on this issue will share it with the rest of us.

Thanks once again.