AMD DPM Issues with Ubuntu MATE

I’ve normally used Xubuntu in the past, but after seeing the amount of effort and care that’s gone into Ubuntu MATE, I wanted to give it a shot. However I’m running into problem that I can’t seem to get around. For many other distributions that I’ve tried, I have been able to resolve AMD’s DPM bug by disabling it via grub. Using the


option, allows me to disable dpm and allows me to play games and use my graphic card. However, with Ubuntu MATE, putting that option in will not allow my computer to boot at all. And not putting it in, crashes the radeon driver as soon as I even so much as enable compiz. From what I assume, there’s something that’s conflicting with that option and Ubuntu MATE does seem to have way more going on in it’s Xorg configuration than Xubuntu did.

I really like what I’ve seen otherwise, the software boutique and level of customization are phenomenal, so I really hope I can get some help with this. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Dreakon,

try switching from Compiz to Marco, you are aware that there are problems with AMD drivers for 16.04 at the moment aren't you?, read some of the comments here:

Switching to Marco does keep the computer from crashing, however opening up games does cause crashes. I do know that the old AMD driver is no longer supported, but I’ve been using the OSS radeon driver with no problem on Xubuntu 16.04 as long as I disabled DPM. I tried to do the same fix with Ubuntu MATE and it causes it to not boot at all.

Post in that thread above, maybe someone can offer you some help, I don’t have ATI graphics so I am limited to able to advise you!. :smiley: