AMD/ATI owners read this before upgrading to 16.04


Take a look here if you have an AMD/ATI graphics card/chip if you intend to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04:




I use the AMD/ATI and was looking forward to upgrading.

Give that I need opengl and, from what I understand from that article, the opensource drivers on offer will not provide it, I guess this means I either upgrade both my card and my OS, or neither.

Actually, I have just checked out a suitable Nvidia one and it comes in at under 60 quid.

So, new GPU and OS-upgrade it is then…:slight_smile:

Just got to figure out a way to buy and fit it without the missus finding out…

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I have two laptops and three desktops with ATI graphics. Both laptops and one desktop are running 16.04 development, the other machines are used for games so they will not be updated for a while.

The open source drivers are great so long as you don’t need to run Steam. The thing is though, the LTS will have point releases with newer kernels and graphics stack. The ATI drivers issue will get resolved sooner or later.

I can see this being a real can of worms next month. Long live geForce :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the Heads up !! I’ll probably have ended up getting stuck as I have the A8 7600 GPU :frowning:

I came to Ubuntu Mate after having issues with Mint and was so glad Catalyst worked out of the box.

What options have I got ? - obviously moving away from Ubuntu to another flavour is one - but which and will Steam still work? Replacing the AMD mb is not an option as the PC is 8mths old. I fear reverting to W7 may be my only option (it will please my children as all the Steam games they like work on W7, unlike now).

I predict PPAs to surface in the future.

Wait until Ubuntu 16.10?

Summarizing the info online: (from Phoronix)

“The last release AMD did can not be used because it is incompatible with the newer version 1.18 display server. Switching distros will be of no help. X.Org Server 1.18 does bump the video ABI so that means the proprietary graphics drivers will need to see new releases… If you’re using the NVIDIA Linux driver you’re in good shape while AMD Catalyst users will need to wait for a new release, which could be a while considering the upstream driver still doesn’t support the latest Linux 4.x kernel releases without third-party patches.”

AMD’s Tim Writer commented in our forums that Ubuntu 16.04 won’t be supported at all. “For those who don’t know, I manage AMD’s open source graphics team. We (AMD) are focusing our Linux graphics driver development on the amdgpu based open source and upcoming hybrid stacks; consequently, we are not supporting fglrx on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Users who require Pro-graphics or Workstation class features and performance can continue to use fglrx on Ubuntu 14.04 until the hybrid stack is available later this year.”

Problems with the new driver code:


The guess work has been eliminated.

Thank you Dave

Thank You!!

I’ll stay on 15.10 then. No point in breaking something that works perfectly…

take a look at this comment on OMG Ubuntu

I’m running AMD A8 in my laptop . Hoping that the opensource xorg-video-radeon driver will work with Compiz.

I have an AMD A8 processor in my new laptop. Ubuntu Mate 16.04 works great on it.



Thanks for the info…
I’m glad I didn’t went on the experimental side of things and sticked to 15.10 !
So, if I want to upgrade to 16.04 (for what benefits ?), I will take that opportunity to change my old Radeon HD5870 GPU for an NVidia one. Prices on the GTX 750/950/960 lines are getting interesting.
So why not ?


As in @Dave_Barnes reply, drivers will be available later this year although it doesn’t specify a date!. :confused:

Users who require Pro-graphics or Workstation class features and performance can continue to use fglrx on Ubuntu 14.04 until the hybrid stack is available later this year.

I have found that Nvidia is (seems to be) better supported than AMD/ATI but that might just be me!. :smiley:

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Now I remember why I chose to go for Intel on-board graphics. Yes that choice does come with restrictions. I’m not a heavy graphics user, and of course UM is a perfect distro if you want to tread lightly on the graphics requirements. :slightly_smiling:

I use UM and I am far from light on graphics. I do 3d modelling, photogrammetry, 3d game engine stuff and video editing. I am bound to say, I have found UM to be terrific on these.

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Oh dear

So, the new open source AMD drivers are rubbish, they don’t support open GL and the propriety drivers due sometime later this year are predicted to be pretty poor into the bargain


So it says that if you’re using the proprietary fglrx drivers, they will be deleted & the open source drivers will be used instead. Since my open source drivers seemed to be messed up when I tried the flgrx option in Additional Drivers, I’m hoping this might fix the problem when I choose the Upgrade option. :wink:

Still will download the 16.04 ISO in case it doesn’t. :wink:

Actually, I have been using the open source drivers on 16.04. now. for about a fortnight. They appear to be working okay so far, especially with marco/compton window management.

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