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Thanks gabdub !! I will look those links …


Deviantart Download


Deviantart Download

One for the Ladies!?


The Ubuntu MATE Wet design is outstanding - classy and reflective (pun intended). It is now my primary wallpaper. Thanks!


Thanks for your kind comments, I have now moved to archlinux , so I probably wont do anymore for ubuntumate.



Absolutely love your work!

Is there anywhere that you have a portfolio of your work? (Is the main place?) Would love to see such great quality art added to Mate’s default wallpaper set. :slight_smile:


Hey thanks BrokenCanoe, much appriciated :wink:
Deviantart is where I put all my Wallpapers etc. I also have a 500px account with mostly photomanipulation, some Photography and some digitalart:

Thanks again


@Wimpy can we have this one in Artful please? :heart_eyes:


There is good contrast with these desktops, unlike one of mine where the calculator icon goes for a swim in the ocean, and can not be seen!


I like it too Antech!. :thumbsup:


Here's My panel layout with the wallpaper


Oh man @xypnox that’s so cool (the background text). How did you do that?


You mean the conky? I got it from this article But then I removed the shadows and used sawaseed font. My configuration is available here:

Hope You like it :smile:


New set of wallpapers, please do not modify, if you would like the ubuntumate logo adding to any of them, let me know :happy:







The white flower could do with having the MATE logo, with its centre mixed to approximate the green MATE uses. Would be nice and subtle.



DOWNLOAD 4K 1440P 1080P:


@antechdesigns welcome back!

We missed you!

I’m curious: are the flowers pics Procedural? The first one is gorgeous.


Great images (as usual), thank you so much for making them available to us.


Antechdesigns YOU ARE THE BEST…