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@antechdesigns Beautiful work as always. Wondering if I might make a request. Currently using the Ambient-MATE Dark theme and I’ve not been happy with my own attempts at creating a dark wallpaper that seems to fit the grey/green color scheme correctly. Would you perhaps be willing to give it a go and see what you can come up with?


Thanks a lot Vt, Sure I will have a go, wont be until tomorrow though. Can you post a screenshot of your current desktop, preferbley with the menu showing?
Also link any images, logos, text, colors, etc that you may want in it.

Thanks, ant


No problem at all, here is my current desktop. As far as images and such go, I'll leave it in your vastly superior creative hands. I would prefer to have the UM logo if possible but I'm open to whatever you come up with. Thank you for taking the time :beers:


THanks a lot, those are fantastic !!! In my opinion they should be part of officials wallpapers !!! In the next Ubuntu MATE .iso ? :yum:
Could you please share svg files or anyways you made those ? Gimp ?
Thank again !


Thanks a lot Tristan, I think a couple of them wallpapers are in UM17.4
I use Photoshop for my artwork, I’ve invested too much time in it to learn anything else.

Most of them wallpapers are not that difficult to make to be honest, if you would like to know how to do something specific, just ask.

For a simple wallpaper I usually start off with a dark color background on one layer, then another layer above that with a white brush in the middle then change the blend mode to overlay or softlight resize depening on your taste then place it where you want the light source coming from.

Then I just add logos, text or whatever other details you want, make sure you source png images.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Let me know if this is any good Vt

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Perfect! Thank you very much, exactly what I was looking for. Simple, clean, elegant, and integrates with the theme seamlessly. Much appreciated antech :beers: Oh and if you should choose to base any further designs off of that color combination, I certainly wouldn't be opposed :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know and don’t want photoshop except for the students who needs it under my UM session.
So, i need to understand more with Gimp / Inkscape …[quote=“antechdesigns, post:89, topic:10549”]
if you would like to know how to do something specific, just ask.
Thanks for that !


so cooool !!! :sunglasses: Makes me want back my 2 panels !
Thanks again to antechdesigns

What is this green “robot” on top panel in area notification ? May i ask ?


Thanks Tristan, antech’s wallpaper makes it look much better. The green robot is the Private Internet Access VPN client :slight_smile:


So, i need to understand more with Gimp / Inkscape …

You can watch these videos to get started :wink:


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Your welcome, glad you like it!


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I must say you have diamond skills. I sincerely hope the devs are paying attention to the body of work you are bringing to Ubuntu MATE. If they aren’t, it’s a missed opportunity for what could be a tremendous increase in the number and the quality of the Ubuntu MATE list of Default Wallpapers.

I would request, if that is your wish of course, to open a new thread on the Development forums offering these wallpapers to be included in the next release. Get to know any licensing requirements from the team and after what would very likely become an email discussion, if they are compatible with yours and you all reach an agreement, get this work to become a part of Ubuntu MATE.

As a user, I would be very happy to see many of these wallpapers becoming a part of the distro.


Thanks a lot marfig, much appriciated!

I do beileve some of my earlier wallpapers are in UM17.04. So I do beileve that its not going unnoticed, all my wallpapers posted on ubuntu-mate are CC-BY-SA even though I forget to add it sometimes. :slight_smile:

I also post wallpapers to the manjaro forums, so if a make a wallpaper for UM I will alter it slightly for use with some Manjaro distros. I also have a wallpaper in the manjaro deepin distro 17.0.1 in fact its the default wallpaper when you boot up. :grinning: I do beileve after talking to oberon who is part of the Manjaro Team, on the manjaro forums, that he will be adding some more of my wallpapers to the Manjaro Deepin distro.

I have manjaro deepin on my main rig and UM on my aging laptop, I love the clean look of deepin and the ‘it just works’ of ubuntu mate.

Thanks again marfig for your kind comments.

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thanks for answer VtvBreech …