Any chance we could get Latte plank in the next LTS?

I saw this on omg ubuntu just now.

I heard that is is similar - but not quite the same to cupportuino.

Just wondered if someone could create a bug to get this on-board Ubuntu Mate ?


It must first meet the requirements.

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It'll probably bring in a bunch of KDE extras.

Frankly, if I wanted KDE on my computer, I'd just install KDE in the first place. {Cranky Old Man mode off} :smiley:

I use Glx-Dock (a.k.a. Cairo Dock) myself. Has way more customizing options. Link here:Glx-Dock

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In the software requirement post:

[quote=“lah7, post:1, topic:7404”] We tend to stay clear of software that […]
Requires a lot of dependencies (e.g. KDE)

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Latte is not suitable for inclusion in Ubuntu MATE it introduces a good deal of KF5 which would significantly increase the image size and RAM requirements.

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