Any ways to look at the context in Transifex?

Hey, this is Jacob.

I am having trouble translating strings right now, because I cannot understand the context of the strings. Korean language varies greatly depending on context. For example, although the same string in English can be written in a button or in a sentence, they would mean completely different things in Korean.

It’d be great if Ubuntu MATE dev team can provide translators with screenshots of where those strings are…

Thank you!

If you’re referring to Ubuntu MATE Welcome / Software Boutique, adding context and having less “string splitting” is something we would like to address in this 18.04 cycle. (This may unfortunately, means translator will need to re-translate “new” strings as they become new, complete sentences)

When this is completed, Transifex will show context as words, but screenshots won’t be possible.

For any application in general, your best bet would be to get the source code and search for where the string is referenced to get an idea of context.