Black screen after waking from sleep on docking station

I have a problem with laptop that has Intel HD4000 graphics and connect to external monitor via docking station.

When I unplug the laptop while in sleep and then I wake the laptop up , I can login to my session but i get a black screen with only cursor on it. The same happens when I connect laptop that is already in sleep before waking it up.

I can restart the session with CTRL+ALT+BAKCSPACE which lets me use computer. But I’d rather prefer to keep my running applications.

Hi @Nikola_Djordjevic,

I am not sure if this will help at all but here goes, other than that, I would just log out rather than use sleep mode!:

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I’m sorry to say it does not solve the problem. I found out that this happens only when using Compiz. Regardless of dock or sleep , the desktop get unusable when I unplug external monitor. I Switched to Compton now and it behaves perfectly.
Thank you for your time.


Excellent @Nikola_Djordjevic,

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