Blank Welcome Screen - Toggle it Off?


I am having the blank welcome screen issue on a PPC install of 16.04. I am reading HERE and in other places this a known issue without a solution right now. Is there a way to toggle the welcome screen off so that it does not come up every time at boot up? I know there is a check box on the welcome screen for this, but given that the welcome screen is totally blank right now… I’m not looking to necessarily remove the welcome feature entirely, just to toggle the check mark maybe with a terminal command. I am a novice with the linux terminal so I apologize in advance if this is overly simple.

UM Welcome not working in UM 17.10 beta 1 32 bit
Welcome not working on Mac PPC 16.04

Open Caja and press the Ctrl+H keys to Show Hidden Files

Go to


Replacing USER with the name of the user your logged in as



Or from the Terminal run

rm /home/USER/.config/autostart/ubuntu-mate-welcome.desktop

Again, replacing USER with the name of the user your logged in as


Thanks Steven, that worked. I didn’t actually delete the file, I just moved it out of that folder in case I want to put it back at some future time.


That’s great. Glad it worked for you. It’s completely safe to delete ubuntu-mate-welcome.desktop It will be regenerated the next time Open Welcome when I log on is checked.