Board e-mail migration to [email protected]

Hi there,

I'd very much like for my primary e-mail address on this board to be a new one.

I can enter that e-mail address in my account preferences on the appropriate menu.

It then says in italics it is asking for verification...

I never receive a verification link mail...

my provider of my chosing would be off, using a address that works fine with other "services" I have used so far..

cheers, Phil

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It may be or which I happen to have. I know their website will link to but no option for that exists. It may be legacy. Hope you can figure it out.

Hi, @rawgr

Let me start by saying that I'm just another user of Ubuntu MATE and of these "Ubuntu MATE Community" Discussion Forums - - that I know are based on / powered by the forum software called "Discourse" -

Based on this post of yours, I 've tried to add an "Alternate Email" address in the "Email" section of my "Preferences" -> "Account" page here in the Ubuntu MATE Community. In that "Email" section, I've added a Gmail e-mail address of mine and after I've added it, a web page showed a message saying "We've sent an email to that address. Please follow the confirmation instructions.". Well, two hours have passed since then and I haven't received any e-mail message with the confirmation instructions. I've double-checked the Gmail e-mail address of mine that I wrote (it was right) and I've checked the "Spam" folder in Gmail to see if the confirmation e-mail ended up there (it hasn't).

So, I believe you're right that something is wrong, @rawgr . I've found the following related topic in the Community here ("Problem with Password Reset on this Forum" started 12 days ago by user @anon49499279 ):

I'm not sure who has the Administrative permissions to check the logs of the Ubuntu Mate Discourse installation and/or server to see what may be happening that is apparently interfering with the sending of confirmation e-mail messages related to the addition of e-mail addresses (primary and/or alternate) and password resets. I'm guessing @franksmcb , @lah7 and/or @Wimpy himself may be able to check this and so I'm mentioning their usernames here in order to ask them to investigate this situation, please.


Hi again, @rawgr

Today (21st August 2022), 7 days after my previous post in this same topic, I've finally started receiving again some automated e-mail notifications related to these "Ubuntu Mate Community" Discussions.

Because of that, I went back to the page where I had tried to add a (Gmail) "Alternate Email " address in the "Email " section of my "Preferences " -> "Account " page here in the Ubuntu MATE Community. There, I clicked in the "resend confirmation email" link that appeared below my "Alternate Email" address (as I've done a few times during this past week, without any success). But, this time, a few minutes after I clicked on that link, I have received from "Ubuntu MATE Community <[email protected]>" with subject "[Ubuntu MATE Community] A new email address has been added" with the e-mail confirmation link.

So, I'm guessing someone that has administrative privileges in the Ubuntu Mate Discourse installation and/or server has fixed the problem that seemed to be preventing the sending of automated e-mail messages from the Ubuntu Mate Community (such as the ones related to the addition of e-mail addresses - primary and/or alternate -and password resets). Thank you, whoever you are! :slightly_smiling_face:

@rawgr : Based on what I wrote above, I suggest that you try to go back to the "Email " section of your "Preferences " -> "Account " page here in the Ubuntu MATE Community and click on the "resend confirmation email" link near your e-mail address to see if you get the e-mail message with the link to confirm that e-mail address. I hope this helps!


Yes it is working now - thank you kindly!

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