Boot error from usb

I decided to revive my old pc ,which is running on windows xp 32bit. And i thought that ubuntu MATE is the best answer for that. So I followed the process from this tutiroal link:

  1. downloaded ubuntu mate 16.10
    2.downloaded unetbootin
    3.installed ubuntu mate with unetbootin
    4.inserted usb to old pc and restarted it
    5.f2 and changed boot priority and harddrive to kingstondatatravel 3.0 (my usb)
    6.saved, waited, and boom the wild ‘Boot error’ appears.
    I searched for this problem on internet and noticed that quite alot of people get this error, but all of them has a different solution… I tried to mess with bios settings, but nothing works. I dont even have so much settings options like people on the internet, perhaps because my pc is old. So perhaps someone here could write me what could the problem be? All this is a huge turn off to linux discovery, because it seems like if you’re no IT guy then you shouldnt use linux.

Looks like a nice tutorial, we have our own.

I don’t understand. Once its loaded you no longer need the usb.

Please post the error.

Linux is not windows, there is a learning process. If unwilling to learn then perhaps windows is a better choice for you. However with time you will find a new level of control of your own environment that windows cannot provide.

After reading and re-reading you post and all the links I now believe you are having problems making a bootable installation USB?

Forget about unetbootin, on Windows, use Rufus to make the USB installation of any OS.
And be very aware about UEFI and non UEFI BIOSes and secureboot during your installation and post installation time.

Another thing to check is whether the USB you made will run in a different computer and if a different (known good) bootable USB will run in the older computer you want to use it in.
Some older computers dating back to early to mid Windows XP era might not be capable of booting a USB.

Thank you all who responded. Now everything works just fine so far. All I did was - change to Rufus and according to suggested tutorial I chose LTS version instead of other one. Thank you!!!