Boot to desktop without user verification

I’m new to Ubuntu-Mate, just loaded the image on my Raspberry Pi 2 to try and learn more about it. However when I went though the setup, I selected the option to require password. But this requires me to use my wireless keyboard and mouse just to get logged in. What I want to do is boot directly to desktop so I can use my Laptop with VNC to log into the Pi.

I found a way to remove the password which I did, but it is still asking me to click OK for my profile before logging in. How can I remove this so it will just boot up without any verification?


System, Administration, Users and Groups, click on change … at the password line, a windows pops up, the bottom option is, Don’t ask for password on login. HTH

If I understand him correctly he’s already done that but he’s still stuck on a user selection screen.
This might be something unavoidable if you have multiple users, I’m not sure.

Yes I have removed the password, but it still comes up and asks me to verify user. I even removed the graphic to see if that would do it but I still have to click OK at my username before it will continue to the desktop.


You need to tell LightDM (the greeter) to auto-login, see here:

Thanks Luke that works perfectly. Can mark as solved.


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