Boot to external SSD? (BIOS, not UEFI)

I've just installed Ubuntu-MATE 18.04.4 on a 1TB external SSD that I need to be able to boot into.

In my BIOS (not UEFI) desktop workstation (I don't use a laptop) I have an internal 1TB spinner drive from which I'm running an unstable MATE 14.04 as my only working system at the moment. It crashes about every ten minutes.

When I re-boot with the external SSD plugged in, I'm dropped into a busybox display with the message:

The file '/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' was not found.

How can I boot into the external SSD, and can I use the information in the line above to help accomplish this? Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi Watchpocket,
Look at this video. Sorry is in spanish, but terminal commands are clear. You can try this:


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When you did the installation, the grub was installed again on the PC, when you should install it on the SSD.

the installation done on the PC has its Grub, the external hard disk has also its own Grub

This installation is also valid for external hard disk.

see the link

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