Booting issues since Nvidia upgrade...?

Hi all

Firstly, thanks to all who develope Ubuntu MATE. It’s great! I actually stuck with older Ubuntu versions for it’s older layout so to see a newer version with the layout intact is amazing - THANK YOU!

I’ve just added an Asus 2GB Nvidia GT 710 to my Lenovo H30-00 desktop PC and since doing so I seem to be unable to type my disk crypt password at boot. I have to hard reboot the machine, enter recovery at the option screen and then via the CLI i can enter the password during boot when prompted and everything is ok. I’ve reinstalled twice and it’s still an issue and only happens once i use the Nvidia drivers which i need for light gaming.

I’m using the 384.111 Nvidia drivers. I did try newer drivers but I was met with a black screen and no boot at all resulting in another reinstall.

Any ideas what this could be and how i could fix it?

Any advice is greatly appreciated and thanks again on a great OS!

It certainly does sound like a video driver issue, but I’m not certain.

To troubleshoot, I would try adding the “nomodeset” kernel parameter to see if that gets you to the Desktop. In order to do that, enter the grub menu on boot (by holding down the Shift key for legacy BIOS systems or the Esc key for UEFI systems during reboot), then when you see the grub menu, press “e” to edit the boot parameters. On the linux line right after “splash” add a space and enter “nomodeset,” then hit F10 to proceed with the boot.

If that works without creating any problems, you can add nomodeset to your normal boot by editing /etc/default/grub and then running update-grub.

The other thing to try if that doesn’t work is to reboot into the grub menu and remove the “quiet splash” to see the output of the boot and perhaps get an idea what the error is causing the hang.

You (usually) don’t need to do a reinstall when this kind of thing happens; you can usually get to the grub menu and try some things to fix it.

See also:


I’m 99.9% sure it is as when i remove the Nvidia card and use the Intel HD graphics I am able to put in the disk crypt password without any issue.

Wolfman, nice guide thanks for sharing. That is pretty much what I’ve done though so I guess the only other option is to try multiple drivers and see if one works out.

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