Boutique: Set of "Common Terminal Tools" package

I would very much like in the "Accessories" section of the boutique, a one-click install for a batch of common can't-live-without terminal tool.

Like you click it, it deploys a list of checkboxed tools (all checked by default) and proposes to installs them.

A non-exhaustive list could start with:

htop tmux iotop nethogs bmon netdiscover curl pastebinit nmap gparted whois traceroute pv tree undistract-me

Hi ouroumov

It is my understanding that the Boutique is undergoing a complete rebuild and will even be separated from the Welcome Center. I would think until this project is completed that boutique feature request will be on the back burner. @lah7 is the dev, maybe he will tell us more about the new boutique, when we can expect it and how current feature request are handled.

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Development of the "new" Boutique is progressing... pretty slowly... :snail: We'll try and get this one up and running for 17.10. (Time for me is an unfortunate restriction these days!)

That said, ideas are welcome for Welcome and the Software Boutique. :bulb: This one could be possible with another idea that a piece of software could have "optional extras" that can be installed in addition, similar to how it would benefit RetroArch:


Well going from scratch does take time and effort I think, good news with the new boutique, but please don’t go emulators for gaming, steam is making a lot of progress for the linux gaming and deserves that spot!

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