Burning to thumb data drive live OS

I can not get either xfburn or brasero to see my thumb-drive. The computer sees it but not the apps mentioned. Am I doing something wrong?


Firstly, burning…
Burning usually (exclusively?) involves writing data to optical disks, so it’s not the best term to use when discussing USB-drives.

Secondly, transfering data to a USB-drive…
Simply use a file transfer method that you’re comfortable with, either Caja or the command-line tools (mv, cp, etc.)

… and please see my other reply to your posting on this thread:


Has that helped?

Could you be more specific? [quote=“grcoukell, post:1, topic:9183”]
The computer sees
How exactly is that? How do you know it? Thru BIOS, dmesg, maybe Caja?

@alpinejohn Beware that transferring files is not the same as to make a thumb for installing or running a Live OS as is mentioned because the drive should be made bootable. Also notice the Caja bug for moving multiple fles.

Thanks I have been able to get live OS’s using unetbootin now.

Glad you could :slight_smile: